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What’s Eager Reader?
Eager Reader is a voluntary reading program sponsored by the PTA designed to encourage students to read for their enjoyment outside of school. By logging their reading minutes, and a few fun raffles along the way, students have a fun incentive to participate and READ. Those who reach their grade level goal minutes will become “Royal Readers” and receive a free book!

When is Eager Reader? Started Monday March 4th - not too late to sign-up - see below!

How does my student participate? Just follow the registration steps below. We will send more information closer to the program start with details on goals, prizes, and logging minutes.

In order to participate, you must set-up your Eager Reader account online.


Step 1: Ensure your student is assigned to the correct Teacher.

1. From the PTA website, scroll down to the very bottom left, click “My Account”.
    If you DON'T have an account, at this point you can just select "join" and create one.
    You can create an account with NO cost or obligation to become a PTA member. Then, just continue the steps.

2. Login. You will be on the “My Account” page.
3. Scroll down to the Students section.
4. CHECK the teacher(s) names listed next to your student(s).
- If it is correct, move on to step 2 below.
- If it is not correct, please change it to the correct teacher and save. Then move to step 2 below.

Step 2: Set-up the Student’s Online Reading Log. 

1. From the PTA website, click the Eager Reader button at the top left of the page
2. Click “Eager Reader Student Entry
3. When prompted for student password type in: Comets and press “Next”
4. Enter: student’s first and last name, select grade and teacher. Now you will see your reading log! 
- Please DO NOT log minutes until Eager Reader starts March 4th.